Digital books transform the way slovak students get study materials

I saw it recently in a demo and I think the SLOVAK TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY is now light years ahead in how it communicates with it's students. You rarely see situations when tech actually helps solve a real world problem , improve on the way it was done before, make both ecological and money savings as all this stuff was printed paper before.

The demo here is generic but this is how students at the Slovak technical university in Bratislava will get their study materials.

As far as I know only this university has such a modern system, but this is not developed internally.

GDP per inhabitant (EU average=100)

GDP per inhabitant (EU average=100)
1Inner London (UK)343334336303
2Luxembourg (LU)279275267264
3Bruxelles-Cap. / Brussels Hfdst. (BE)216221233241
4Groningen (NL)198165174164
5Hamburg (DE)188192200202
6Praha (CZ)172172162160
7Île de France (FR)168169170173
8Stockholm (SE)167165166172
9Bratislavský Kraj (SK)167160149148
10Wien (AT)163163166178
11Oberbayern (DE)162165168166
12Bremen (DE)158159157157
13Utrecht (NL)157155156158
14North Eastern Scotland (UK)157153153n/a
15Darmstadt (DE)156156158158
16Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire (UK)154156164168
17Noord-Holland (NL)152151151155
18Hovedstaden (DK)152150155161
19Southern & Eastern (IE)148166163158
20Åland (FI)145143147140
 Source: Eurostat, based on purchasing power standards (PPS)