"Economic growth was slightly slower than in previous quarters, which is in line with NBS estimates and is related to the basic effect of the launch of production of motor vehicles last year. Despite this, the economy is still producing new jobs, as reflected by the growth of the employment rate," National Bank of Slovakia governor Ivan Šramko said.

There is no doubt that the economic slowdown in slovakia is taking place. Living in Bratislava i can't say we feel it yet. People are consuming and the well run economy is still performing closing 2008 with 7.1 GDP growth.

It is remarkably difficult to make a prediction for the new year of 2009 but these is my information/hunch.
Slovakia will weaken mostly in the regions, hit by the lower export volumes from factories whose export markets are slow. This has affected jobs in Nitra region.

Generally i make very pessimistic assumptions and prefer to be pleasantly surprised, so i predict GDP between 2-4% for slovakia in 2009, this is below estimates, but it will generally keep the unemployment steady and the people reasonably prosperous.

Bratislava is likely to do better than this, and so far one would have to be hunting high and low to find evidence of a slowdown.
It seems that Slovakia will not have a recession at all, unless we are talking about end of world scenarios...

Slovakia is likely to remain the fastest growing economy in the EU and an interesting country where it enjoys the safe haven of the EURO, and the competitive position of an emerging market at the same time.

In such daunting times its a blessing to live in such a relatively stable place, however one has to spare a thought for the UK and iceland that have been savaged by this crisis..