If you have the WD (Western Digital) My Book Live NAS and it is very slow there is a way to make it fast again

If you have the WD (Western Digital) My Book Live NAS and it is dog slow, it is not your router or network setup

in the pursuit of sales WD has overburdened this device that runs on a basic processor.

How to make it fast again

  1. disable twonky service
  2. disable remote access (are you really going to use that?)
  3. do not update to the latest firmware it makes things much worse.
Greetings from Bratislava ;)

Interesting project to bring 250 years of a swiss newspaper online

The Cantonal & University Library of Lausanne selects Geneza’s MediaINFO

The Cantonal & University Library of Lausanne selects Geneza’s MediaINFO to bring 250 years of the 24 Heures newspaper online.


Mitt Romney drives a european car made in Bratislava, Slovakia

Mitt Romney with Slovak/German beauty

Republican candidate who lost the presidential elections, the car rides produced in Bratislava, Slovakia.

He was so sure victory that he had not prepared a speech after the defeat. Republican Mitt Romney struggled for many years to become the U.S. president, is now trying to cope with the fact that his dream is over.

After the election, the 65-year old politician withdrew from public life. Last week it he visited president obama in his new black Audi Q7. It is not clear whether he bought it after the election.

It seems that now the Audis are made here and exported everywhere, and that seems to surprise most people. This was confirmed by a spokesman for Volkswagen Slovakia Vladimír Machalík (Audi really belongs to Volkswagen).

"Model Audi Q7 is produced only in Slovakia and exported to all over the world. The United States is our third largest market, where is between nine and 10 percent of our production. "I did not know about our famous customer.