Free people or free capital? Does money have rights?

I agree with Adam Smith that free movement of people is a core component of
free trade. As for free movement of capital, that's a totally different
matter. Unlike persons of flesh and blood, capital has no rights, at least
by Enlightenment/classical liberal standards. As soon as we bring up the
matter of free movement of capital, we have to face the fact that while
people are in principle at least equal in rights, in a just society, talk
of capital conceals the reality: we are speaking of owners of capital, who
are vastly unequal in power, naturally.
In the real world, free movement of capital entails radical restriction of
democracy, for obvious reasons that have long been well understood.
Speaking of capital and labour as if they were on a par is so hopelessly
misleading that sensible discussion is impossible in these terms.

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