very strange...

international women's day by Fico acting on stage???

via the ever excellent Roger


  1. Thanks for the link, Macko.

    I'm wondering, are you stil so fond of Fico after nearly a year of his premiership? Or was the point always really that he is just a normal politician (with the usual weaknesses) rather than the demon people like Lemuel make him out to be?

  2. I was never fond of Fico, i just thought that he was no demon and that the paid media that were demonising him were serving other interests (mainly business people) to continue a putting the interests of business and the rich first ignoring everyone else. Fico put forward a more balanced programme which was necessary, but he needs to be watched on corruption because SMER is bankrolled by Siroky... and that is troubling...

    I also think that a leftward tilt in Slovak politics was long overdue, you don't want to the same way as Britain or the US with massive income inequality creating a resentful, unstable and ultimately dangerous society to live in...

    Dzurinda was just right for his time, and 4 years of Fico will be fine too, after that we shall have to see what other politicians emerge, that are perhaps better. Ideally centrist coalitions.

    Dzurinda deserved a slap over the dilution of workers' most essential rights (e.g. an employer could put you on yearly contracts forever invalidating benefits such as maternity leave, holiday pay etc etc etc zero job security is a moronic trend, that alienates people and creates a dog eat dog mentality). As well as punishment for not cracking down on corruption.

    Maybe the SDKU will be more inclined to offer a policies that appeal to people other than businessmen.. Miklos should be congratulated on many of his wise policies but these are largely maintained by Fico.

    I don't think Slovakia should emulate UK or US, it should emulate Ireland and Austria. Stable, prosperous, and focused on the citizenry's happiness.