in defense of the EU

A chilling reminder of why all of us europeans need to support the EU...
Slovaks or otherwise (and particularly the Brits...)

'But any complacency should be shattered by reading Stefan Zweig's chilling
autobiography, The World of Yesterday, written in 1942. The Austrian author
describes how the golden age of security that accompanied the first wave of
globalisation rapidly descended into the barbarism of two world wars.

There was as little belief in the possibility of wars between the peoples
of Europe as there was in witches and ghosts, Zweig wrote of pre-1914

Our fathers honestly believed that the divergences and boundaries between
nations and sects would gradually melt away into a common humanity ... Now
that the great storm has long since smashed it, we finally know that the
world of security was naught but a castle of dreams; my parents lived in it
as if it had been a house of stone.'

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