Robert Fico after the approaching elections

After a largely competent handling of important policy questions during his
first term, the PM of Slovakia has a struggle to move away from a
disappointing first 4 years in matters relating to Slota & Meciar.

Here is our list of recommendations:

1. Form a coalition with centrists that excludes Meciar & Slota. Fico must
consign them to the dustbin of history for the good of the country.

2. Prioritise areas of state control. The state cannot juggle everything
competently. Look at small scandinavian states like Denmark to pick
affordable policies that are sustainable with a low public debt. Socialist
experiments in Italy & Greece during the 70s & 80s show what not to do.

3. Privatise things that are not vital in transparent ways & ensure

4. Engage intellectuals & technocrats to bring more competence in govenment.

5. Don't imitate Blair or Obama, they are too right wing, but don't veer
too much to the left either.

6. The nationalistic stuff is insincere and used too often when its not
necessary. So basically do more communicate less.
We like the no-nonsense approach in some areas e.g. Gas crisis but please a
less macho public persona. More women in government.

7. Focus on where Slovakia's economy will grow from in 10-20 years... Take
advice from a wide array of sources. Remember that the Dzurinda plans for
the economy need to be updated. Cultivate a closer relationship with

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