What annoys the UK & Vaclav Klaus in the Lisbon treaty

Britain is becoming politically extremelb right-wing. At a time when the most sober analysts & economics laureates we have seem to blame the financial crisis on excesses perpetrated by the disciples of Ronald Reagan & Maggie such as Blair, Brown, & Cameron. The electorate seems to believe that more of the same policies will improve things..

For example Britain has secured an exemption, or thinks it has, from the charter of fundamental rights. The charter is given legal force by Lisbon. It is full of things like the right to strike and a "right of access to preventive health care".

So lets get this right. Having the right to access preventive healthcare is controversial? The labour party disagrees with the right to strike?
What kind of labour party is it?

It sounds to me that Britain does not have genuine political choice which invalidates its democracy.

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