Slovakia GDP likely to be 4.1% in 2010 & 4.5% or more in 2011

Economies in the CEE region are expected to grow 2.8 % in 2010 and 3.4 % next year, reads the latest World EconomicOutlook drawn up by the International Monetary Fund. (IMF)

Similarly to western economies, the prognoses for individual countries in the CEE region vary in dependence on the impact of the economic crisis but the GDP in Slovakia is supposed to rise the most, namely 4.1 % this year (which is the most within central Europe and the euro zone) and 4.5 % in 2011.

This is obviously a fantastic prospect when despite the difficult times Slovakia and Bratislava in particular are recovering strongly. This wconfirms our long-term view that the durability of Slovakia's policies are helping the small nation converge with the living standards of Germany and other open and competitive economies in the eurozone.

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  1. Good evening Mr. PM,could you teach Romanian PM the secret of growing the economy,half of increase at Slovakia;in Romania now is a national sport job hunting,no matter what,the problem is that the number of jobs is very small & the number of unemployed people grows weekly.In my home region Dolj unemployment is almost 13%,which means wages are low comparative with Bucharest.
    When you'll visit Romania?
    The sooner is better.
    Dakujem vam.