The incoming conservative government

The conservatives are coming...

Bela Bugar ----- Jan Figel-----Iveta Radicova--Richard Sulik

Generally a fairly centrist lot, the christian party (KDH) is the most left wing of the coalition, Then its the hungarian/slovak party of Most HID. Jan Figel of the christian party, Iveta Radicova of the SDKU which is the largest party of the coalition and which will be ruling, and finally Richard Sulik the inventor of the 19% tax in Slovakia when he was working for SDKU in the 90s and 00s.

I feel that this government needs to be aware of how many of the certainties of the 90es in economics are being challenged and have changed. They need to show that they have understood that the broad based employee-class prosperity must not be hurt because that underpins the country's economy.

Tight and conservative regulation of the banks is also vital.


  1. Ahoy Mr. PM (Opposition leader),I think tommorow Tatranska tigrica will be nominated PM of your country,the 2nd woman PM after Croatia.
    I think she will become a cahrismatic figure like Obama & she will succeed in her task,if she will treat opposition with respect (not like in Romania,where Govt. cuts pensions & public wages).
    I hope you'll find time to visit Romania.

  2. Ahoy Mr. Opposition leader,in Slovakia you ahve a new Govt.,leaded by MRS. iVETA,SAME LIKE IN GERMANY.Maybe it's better that way,you are the strongest party in the Parliament,but I hope the new Govt. will pas confidence vote.
    I'm very happy KMS staff launched successfully New Sportage,which will be a smashing success.
    In Rumunsko things are going from BAD to WORSE;economically speaking we are becoming IMF colony,same like Argentina in 2001,when they changed (because of hunger) 3 presidents in 1 month.BTW,Hungarian PM Viktor Orban met Saturday with our President,which is "de facto" PM,since PM Emil Boc is busy with IMF.
    I wish you can visit Romania ASAP.