Romanian gypsies in France raised again the usual talk of integration

Romanian gypsies in France raised again the usual talk of integration. But it has been tried!

here is an interesting passage on roma integration

"The communists tried to integrate the Roma, and the communists were masters at social engineering.

For example, when the germans left Transylvania in 70’s and 80’s, they left behind deserted villages. The regime decided to move poor homeless roma in the empty german houses and villages, a decision in tone with the regime’s claim to offer everyone equal chances. The move didn’t work very well, the new roma tenants being unable to assure the maintenance to their new homes, and the proper look of this villages turned to derelict.
Before this, the regime tried something else. After 1945, the communists evicted and deported the rich, the former elite on the ground of being vicious capitalists . Those rich people were living mainly in the centre of the towns, obviously. In the empty houses, the regime brought again the poor, mainly roma, in an attempt to make the communist rule more palatable to the masses and ingratiate themselves with the poor. So, for decades, many roma occupied the former’s elite central houses.

Also, the regime didn’t aknowledge such notions as „gens de voyage”. If you were seen wandering the streets, a Militia officer would come and start questioning, „comrade, why are you on the street at this time of day? You don’t work? Then come along comrade to the section, we will find an appropiate working place for you”. "


  1. I am sick and tired of all this rot about the romanian gypsies, the law makers in the Eu and all the other groups who defend them, should invite the romanian gypsies to go and live near to them, then perhaps they would not be so keen to defend them. Viva France

  2. You know it is a real tough one, i think the real issue is anti-social behaviour (stealing, prostitution etc) Unfortunately these vices are found in big percentages among roma, and what they have as it is now is not a "lifestyle". Vagrancy theft etc cannot continue. There have to be some rules that apply to problematic individuals whether roma or not that when they keep occupying the police or social services that will have consequences.

    Other minorities seem to be doing just fine so this one cannot expect any priviledges over any other citizen.

  3. Some strong and (un)substantiated claims here me thinks. There are large gypsy communities in Slovakia, France and Spain. Did their integration into EU cause any similar problems? Since when is anti-social behaviour defined by breaking of the law? Punish individuals who steal, and also the individual policemen who have started all this.

  4. Southern europe has indeed been more successful in integrating the roma than northern and especially central europe.

    However no minority has the right to receive more than it contributes to society. There are many roma that have integrated by working and intermarrying.

    However there is a need for "tough love" when it comes to behaviours such as alcoholism, intra-family abuse, prostitution etc. These issues make this particular minority a nuisance to other citizens. Note that other minorities, such as Rusyns, poles, czechs, german-speakers, hungarians, get along fine.