The new British prime minister is politically small-minded and lacking in substance. So much for the special relationship.

Britain under Tony Blair sacrificed men to fight in iraq in a big way, the UK has been supporting everything emanating from the US, with a fervour that can only be attributed to the UK getting something fairly substantial out of the "relationship".

Alas it seems that the nature of the UK's relationship with the USA seems to fundamentally be akin to that of a naive groupie and an ageing rock star... Love or commitment do not seem to be working both ways but it seems that now not even kind words are in the offing. What was the success of Tony Blair then??? the economy was a massive destructive bubble, and now accoriding to wikileaks:

David Cameron, Brown's successor as the guardian of British-American relations? The new British prime minister, American diplomats reported after a conversation with a high-ranking British banker, was politically small-minded and lacking in substance.

The only thing that can help this situation is European humility. British foreign minister, William Hague, has said: "The world has changed and if we do not change with it, Britain's role is set to decline." The new coalition in London now avoids using the term "special relationship."

well that didn't last long... and nothing of substance was gained. So why oh why is Tony Blair going around and pretending to be a great ex-statesman? He is a failed salesman that has fallen for his own pitch...

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