Deutsche Telekom AG chooses Bratislava as its global financial centre

Deutsche Telekom AG chose Slovakia as the location for its global financial-services center, Hospodarske Noviny reported, without saying where it got the information.
The German phone company picked Slovakia over Hungary because it uses the euro and its capital Bratislava is closer to Vienna, Hospodarske said. The investment may create as many as 500 jobs, the newspaper reported.

The investment will be a global centre for financial services, and should hire its first recruits as soon as this year, Hospodárske Noviny reported. “Slovakia is an apt country for business for us; thus we will always try to evaluate new opportunities for enterprise. We will implement them on condition that all due conditions are fulfilled,” Sylvie Braunle of Deutsche Telekom told the daily.
According to an unconfirmed report by the SITA newswire, the investment was decided upon in November 2010 and both sides were only waiting only for a convenient date to announce it.

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