Decided to start a Blog about Bratislava and Slovakia

Decided to start a Blog about Bratislava, because most of the blogs about Slovakia and Bratislava in english were run by moronic americans preaching their judaeo-christian extreme-capitalist oligopolistic demagogic anti-democratic claptrap. Some indeed seem to be on the payroll of the state department or some conservative institutions. These maybe were ok when there was communism in Slovakia, but now there isn't they seem to be promoting an dubious agenda of americanisation (yes no z its british spelling only here) of Slovakia. You see it seems that Americans being mostly incapable of learning other languages, they prefer to americanise everybody else in order for them to travel (which is lets face it a bit rude and kind of self-obsessed).

So this is an effort in providing a centrist view and some comment that is firmly on this side of the atlantic. While many europeans have come to understand americans, respect the good things about their culture (actually most of the good things about the anglosaxon model are to be found in the UK or the nordics rather than the US but anyway)

This blog is secular (well radically secular actually, don't like any religion of any kind), liberal but pragmatic, inclusive, and doesn't take itself very seriously. We try to not be dogmatic (unless we are making jokes for comic effect) and to keep an open mind as much as possible which is a feature missing from political life. We live in the era of the press release, where debate is mainly understood in terms of "I 'll talk, and occasionally pretend that I am listening". (This is the reason why it has a comment function, so there can be some disagreement and fertile debate). This trend can exemplified by Bush's loudspeaker diplomacy.

Politically we are centrist, although we might seem very much to left for some (especially those that don't realise how far to the right politics has moved over the past 20 years).

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