manifesto of gradual improvement in the world

I am a man of action, the solutions below are not very nice sounding but i think they would improve the World politics markedly from a practical perspective, and reduce wars and tension.

1. We need to stop texans, the carolinas, and pakistanis & Saudis breeding. Forced sterilisation whatever it takes...
2. Laws to starve the US military-industrial complex to a much smaller size (i.e. be reduced by 90%).
3. A law that prevents a religious person to become US president (France has achieved it for example) Also UK needs that too. The same law needs to stipulate that the US presidents need to have come from a non redneck state, in other words only california and new england qualify. NO TEXANS.
4. Spend a huge amount of money on research an development to develop an alternative source of energy other than oil that is environmentally friendly (hydrogen?). Then we can let the middle east resume the camel shagging they were mainly famous for before the british found oil in the region in the early 1900es. So we can all get on with our lives and they can resume their crap on each other just like the Africans do, and maybe one day they will get out of the middle ages but that should be left to themselves.
5. Never elect a bush family member, only middle eastern countries such dynasties in power (hmmm coincidence?)
6. Allow limited immigration to europe on condition that religion is relinquished. The constitutions need to define religion officially as a hobby. Ideally immigration should be allowed only from secular countries without nationalistic issues. People without issues in general in fact. Young people only, sorry we have pension/health systems to maintain.
7. Special worldwide "conference" for religious fanatics and nationalists of all sides to be held continuously located in the depths of the sahara desert, where extreme religious people should be given swords no food and no water. The flight tickets need to be one way. Duration: constant until we run out of religious fanatics.
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