Paris to Bratislava via super fast train

Jacques Barrot, European Commission Vice-President responsible for transport, inaugurated the TGV Est high-speed line. This completed the first phase of work on the largest railway engineering project at the start of this century, which the European Union has cofinanced to the tune of €241 million. The 300 kilometres of track already built between Paris and Baudrecourt in Lorraine are the first section of a 1 500-kilometre European railway line intended to link Paris and Bratislava via Strasbourg, Stuttgart, Munich and Vienna.

See more of the train connecting Bratislva to Vienna and eventually German and french cities including Frankfurt and Paris as well as London via Eurostar. This train has the ability to speed at 574Km/h which is basically asmuch as a plane in cruising speed.


  1. What about the link between Vienna and Bratislava, which is a part of this whole project ?

    I read/heard last year that it would be finished by 2009, and Bratislava-Paris to be finished by 2015.

    Haven't heard anything since then.


  2. Well I believe the link between frankfurt and Bratislava is next after the Paris to Frankfurt link is done. However the likely time of completion is anyone's guess, 2015 is what i have heard before too.
    The upgrading of the link between Bratislava and Vienna is already underway

  3. Did some search on it, and it would seem that Bratislava/Vienna (including airports as well, which seems like an over kill) is due to finish in 2012. Work on various tranches is progressing in parallel, and everything is meant be done 2015.

    If you do a search for "fast trains europe pp17" you should be able to find the specific project for Paris/Bratislava.