Bratislava new year celebrations coming up and other news

Just letting you know that there is going to be a dual celebration of euro adoption/new year

In amongst and despite worldwide financial chaos, Slovakia is receiving a Korean investment for a new KIA/Hyundai factory in Zilina that will produce engines and of course create new jobs. Sony's plans to expand production of flat panel TVs in Nitra have been postponed but not cancelled. It seems that many companies are cutting elsewhere and expanding or keeping production in Slovakia.

Volkswagen is also investing further apparently...

Despite all that the economic outlook in the US and some european countries is grim.

The central banker of Slovakia is keeping a serious handle on the developing situation in other countries. The local slovak economy is doing ok still growth is projected around 4% GDP growth next year, with more in Bratislava's center where I live.. I am guessing, The proximity and relative stability of Vienna is creating a microclimate of stability so far.

Finally I think I would like to join this journalist below before that titanic moron leaves the white house.. I think a serious slapping of GW Bush should be allowed to happen on public television. His economic crimes are even worse than the war ones and they will haunt us for generations of paying back debt..

anyway... Enjoy...

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