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FT: Apathy rules again in Slovakia

By Jan Cienski

Published: June 8 2009 03:00 | Last updated: June 8 2009 03:00

Slovakia appeared to be on track to maintain its record as one of the EU's least enthusiastic members, with only 19.6 per cent of Slovaks taking part in the European elections, which were won by the Smer party of Robert Fico, prime minister. However, the turnout is higher than five years ago, when 17 per cent of Slovaks voted. Jan Cienski, Warsaw

this is complete rubbish, Slovaks feel that they do not know much about these elections and they therefore do not vote in them.

Most Slovaks are VERY pro-european andvery enthusiastic about europe, including travellign and doing business with their neighbours.

I really think that this kind of thing needs to be explained in schools so families understand what EU elections are all about.

Most Slovaks feel that the national government has a big task in steering the country during the global crisis and for the most part things are holding steady in Bratislava. The EU cannot effect the global crisis in any direct way so people focus on keeping their jobs.

The ruling smer marty did well in the election, it is a very pro-EU party, even more than the opposition, and for now the country's consensus seems to be settled on a slightly left stance to maintain cohesion during the crisis.

Slovak banks are healthy and well capitalised, in some ways the healthiest in europe. Slovak's do not have indebtedness and live within their means.

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