Wolfgang Münchau FT prophet Jeremiah

The prophet Jeremiah inspired the French noun jérémiade, and subsequently the English jeremiad, meaning "a lamentation; mournful complaint,"[81] or further, "a cautionary or angry harangue."[82]

Wolfgang Münchau has grown increasingly negative about the EU in the last few years that i read the FT. In fact he has turned positively hostile following a trend throughout the FT/Economist businesses that are ofcourse owned largely by the same owners.

However his recent comments are verging on the hystrionic, he is almost predicting the demise of the EU and the euro and he seems tireless in re-predicting their demise year after year...

Much of the debate in the FT seems to continue to be about how china and india (that repressive regime and appallingly unequal crony democracy respectively) are so wonderful because they do what foreign investors tell them to do. I have some questions at this juncture:

  1. Myanmar is a country that is governed by a military government who does not hold elections, and keeps political prisoners. It is shunned from international trade and is a pariah.

    China is a repressive regime ruled by thinly disguised dictatorial methods, including really violent suppression. China is also feeding and arming north korea, threatening taiwan with invasion, and finally creating settlements in tibet and among the muslim areas it controls in the west of China, brutally repressing minorities in something that could be described as a mild ethnic cleansing.

    However nobody questions these horrors, indeed in the business world right now there is a lot of fawning about who is going to do or say something more pro-chinese.

    I put it to you that a reason for this lopsided approach is that some of the western elite has invested their capital in the far east, and is using their media to bring into being the continued growth and prosperity of china as opposed to their own homeland

    there used to be a word for such a person. A traitor..


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