Vienna and Bratislava gradually growing together a common interregional labour market

The interregional employment initiative (_Überregionale Beschäftigungsinitiative_, ÜBI) of the cities of Vienna and Bratislava gives young people the exciting opportunity to acquire work experience abroad. Until 13 September the exchange programme enables apprentices in the hotel industry to get a glimpse of everyday working life at four and five-star hotels in a foreign country.

With Vienna and Bratislava gradually growing together a common interregional labour market in the Centrope region is becoming increasingly important as well.

“We want to develop and implement joint strategies and concepts in order to improve qualifications and raise employment in the Vienna-Bratislava region,” underlines Vienna’s Renate Brauner.


Acquiring professional experience abroad
The apprentice exchange between Vienna and Bratislava is part of this initiative. Young people currently serving their apprenticeship can get hands-on experience of working conditions in the partner countries. 10 young apprentices have the opportunity to do a three-week internship at a hotel in a partner city. “This initiative pus a strong focus on working together,” explains Renate Brauner. “When young people experience for themselves what it is like to work in an enterprise in the respective partner city they grasp and feel the common nature of the region on a very personal, direct level.”

4: Falkensteiner Hotel
5: Crowne Plaza
Setting off for an internship abroad
Vice-Mayor Renate Brauner will see off the young apprentices from Vienna who will leave for their internships on a Twin City Liner. They are using this opportunity primarily because they want to get to know the culture and working world of their host country, improve their foreign language skills and make many marvellous memories. And who knows, maybe one or the other will like it so much that they return to their internship placement in order to work abroad after completing their apprenticeship

6: Lehrlinge und Renate Brauner

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