Bratislava's ugly new real estate developments.

An interesting opinion in an interview of the chief architect of Bratislava
(the chief city planner if you will).

"the chief architect has actually stated that he thinks the (world
financial) crisis is a stroke of fortune for the Slovak capital because it
will give it some time for planning to catch up with the pace of
development "

Certainly some overly oppressive developments were being planned. The
relatively loose laws on the height new buildings may reach led to ugly

Despite what real estate agents on the payroll of developers say Ruzinov in
Bratislava looks too much like luxurious version of Petrzalka. Buildings
that look like office blocks turn out to be housing.

One cannot help but think that these buildings will be ungovernable,
difficult to maintain & once their newness fades a bit, places for poor
people to live...

This is especially true when one considers how expensive the rents are in
these buildings.

In short Ruzinov is not really close to the centre. There is no feeling of
community. They urban quagmires of the future. I hope that smaller &
greener developments will take their place.

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