Eurozone and Slovakia look set to grow faster

VIENNA & Bratislava, There are indications that European Central Bank will upgrade their growth forecasts for the euro zone economy when new numbers are published next month, ECB Governing Council member for Slovakia Ivan Sramko said to Reuters.

"There is some news now that there will be a better forecast for this year and next year but this is all I can say," Sramko, governor of Slovakia's central bank, said on the sidelines of an Austrian central bank conference in Vienna.

Sramko, asked about the exchange rate of the euro against the U.S. dollar and the Chinese yuan, said that it was his personal opinion that policymakers should coordinate more on foreign exchange rates.

He also said the ECB has discussed which interest rate to put on its December tender of 12-month liquidity "many times" but declined to be drawn on those discussions

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