Slovak national anthem goes showbiz

This is funny in a time of heightened nationalism all over the world... :)

Slovak national anthem used as fanfar at Seoul Drama Awards 2009 - The organisers of a televised awards show in South Korea have apologised to Slovakia for mistakingly using the Slovak national anthem as background music on the show, which took place in Seoul in September of last year.

Slovak Ambassador in Seoul Dusan Bella has received a letter from the organisers in which they apologised for the 'inappropriate' use of the Slovak national anthem, adding that this happened by mistake, according to Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman Peter Stano.

"We apologise for this from the bottom of our hearts, and we assure you that there was no intent whatsoever," reads the letter. "Thank you for telling us about this terrible mistake. We promise that no such thing will ever happen again."

According to Stano, the ministry has accepted the explanation, recognising from the very beginning that the Koreans had no bad intentions in unwittingly using the anthem. He added that the organisers of the awards ceremony obviously picked it for a serious event due to its pleasing melody.

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