Slovakia is to give almost 1 billion dollar loan to Greece only after strict conditions are met

Of course the following reflects the election cycle in Bratislava...

Slovakia will wait until Greece adopts savings measures to cut the budget deficit before disbursing its share of the emergency loan aimed at saving the Balkan country from default, Prime Minister Robert Fico said.
“We want to see Greece doing its homework first, we want to see laws being approved by parliament,” Fico said at a press conference in the Slovak capital Bratislava. “Personally, I don’t trust Greeks.”
Finance ministers from the 16-member euro region approved an 80 billion-euro ($105 billion) aid package for Greece, with another 30 billion euros pledged by the International Monetary Fund. The share of Slovakia, which adopted the euro in 2009, would amount to about 800 million euros spread over three years, according to the country’s Finance Ministry.
Greece yesterday pledged to push through 30 billion euros of budget cuts, equivalent to 13 percent of gross domestic product, in return for loans at a rate of about 5 percent.
Slovak lawmakers will need to amend existing legislation to allow for the loan, Fico said. A special session to do so will probably be held by a new assembly after the June 12 general election, he added.
SDKU, the largest opposition party, is against the Slovak participation in the loan and will seek a special parliamentary session before the election to discuss the issue, Iveta Radicova, the party’s election leader, said today according to the Sme newspaper.


  1. Good afternoon Mr. PM Robert Fico,I'm Tibi from Romania & I strongly suggest you to anticipate a possible future aid (same amount like Greece) for Romania in September.

  2. Why I said 7 I'll say always that
    Slovakia & Romania are sister countries?
    Because the 2 countries are crossed by the Danube,which unites the 2 countries,not divides them.Diky.

  3. GOOD AFTERNOON MR. PM,I understand your hesitations about visiting Romania;our stupid politicians frightened us with "LOOK WHAT HAPPENS IN GREECE,IT WILL BE CIVIL WAR" & they are cutting wages with 25% & pensions with 15% (anyhow the retired people received too much time money,they think).
    Congratulations abnout highway D1.

  4. Good evening Mr. PM,I wish to you all the best in the Sunday election battle;I cross my fingers hoping you'll win & finally you'll make time to visit Romania,to tell our stupid politicians what to do to avoid deeper crisis.

  5. Good evening Mr. PM,I know you are worried about floodings,which hittee badly Sloavkia, Poland & western Romania.I hope floodings won't dammage Sunday election,which is very imoprtant for Slovakia.Maybe after election camapaign you'll make time to visit Romania,to teach our president how to escape the crisis & how to cope with black market.
    I cross my fingers for your victory Sunday.