Constant Contact, how internal communication ruins companies

Let me make some things clear! In all companies there are some people that want to "touch base" (holding meetings) regularly. This is annoying and does not aid real work, they are only great for people that don't really have enough to do (after they delegated their entire job to others..) to bother and interrupt people that have an actual job in the organisation. Maybe its because they are lonely, maybe its because they want to have a feeling of participation when in reality they are a cost center out of control, maybe its because really they are a party person lost in a company and they want to turn the company into a party zone so they feel more at ease with it.

Whatever the reason the sure fire signs of such staff is immaculate grooming and sharp suits suggesting that they don't really work from home and are not short of time..

Pointless meetings and corporate jamborees are organised by HR & Marketing departments desperate to prove that they have some relevance to the organisation and therefore should not be made redundant.

Management can have alot of meetings with other management personnel or perhaps can get out of the office and secure some sales or deals. Having regular "touch bases" particularly enforcing these to people like engineers is incredibly wasteful and alot of face time is a sure fire way to misuse human resources particularly at a time when people are assessed on how much they get done by a certain deadline rather than have normal working hours. For some people in middle management to interrupt people from real work in order to have meetings is a crime that goes unreported.

My pet theory is the abolition of HR and big chunks of marketing altogether would lead to a permanent increase in productivity and GDP growth worldwide..

HR and management should focus on setting realistic strategic targets and then get out of the way.

People using words such as "engagement", activities, initiatives that others have to implement without being credited are corporate parasites, Look in HR, Marketing, and management itself as the main culprits. Public hanging of people wasting others' time with their initiatives that in reality are self-interested bandwagons will help keep your organisation efficient and focused.

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