soft toy travellers - a service now available in Prague is also coming to Bratislava

In prague they have the strangest ideas :) The text is from their website

Travel Agency for Teddy bears and cuddly toys.
Is your stuffed toy exceptional to you? Give him an extraordinary present - a trip to Prague - the beautiful heart of Europe. Except amazing experiences, he will bring back home many great photos and other presents.

Do you collect stuffed toys, dolls or other fun “non-living” friends and you believe they also deserve rest and vacation or an outstanding experience in an interesting country? Then this service is meant for you and for your favourite toy. Let your loyal friends enjoy an unusual experience.
We want to pamper your favourite toy.
Our care
We believe your stuffed toy or any other favourite is a precious companion in your life. We appreciate your trust and the trust of your friend, therefore, our goal is to provide care of the highest quality. We are going to take a good care of your “tourist” paying attention to its needs – from the moment of arrival in the Czech Republic to the moment of its return into your arms.
Toy traveling main picture

No limits
We are tolerant and unbiased. We will be happy to welcome all kinds of your toys regardless nationality, race, religion, sexual preferences, age or handicaps.
We travel in an environmentally friendly way
Global warming, climate change and other negative changes of the ecosphere are partly related to cities crammed with cars. This is why we try to be gentle to the ecosystem. 95% of all trips are done on foot or by public transport.
So this is how it works:
  1. Choose the fare you like most.
  2. Fill in and send the order form.
  3. After we confirm your order, pay …?.... the amount.
  4. Send your favourite toy to our address. Please ship your friend in a hard robust box which can also be used for the return trip. (Valid for the BASIC fare)
  5. We will confirm arrival of your friend by email.
  6. Your toy is going to experience an adventurous and unforgettable trip around Prague (Czech Republic).
  7. After the trip is over, we will deliver your friend to you in order, together with all the items of the price package you’ve chosen.
Our goal is to ensure a happy reunion with your friend who will have rested and be full of energy which it will be more than happy to share with you.

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