fraudsters in the eurozone = Greece | Απατεώνες στη ζώνη του ευρώ

 The german focus magazine is right to convey the outrage at the incredibly unprofessional manner greek finances have been managed for 30-40 years

It is time to have a complete policy overhaul in Greece and copy Scandinavian countries in their organisation and fairness.

In a way it is fair, because now countries like greece will not enjoy the fruits of the labour of responsibly managed economies like Germany (GDP debt ratio 67%) or Slovakia (GDP debt ratio 38% yes really!)

A good and hopeful article that caught my eye.

Narcissism and synomosiologia
By Alexis Papahelas
We are at a breaking point in our history. Our nature can lead us to two very different paths, a difficult but creative one, or another one that seems easy and is a long suicidal path to destruction.
It is obviously easier to amoliseis a narcissistic nationalist crown and appealing to the Greek conspiracy theories than to see in the problem and enforce tough solutions. It is certainly very reasonable and fair to the morally bankrupt political establishment to resort to such solutions.

We can't scare the Germans especially when they are the main likely saviour. We have already suffered enormous damage to our image internationally. Finally, no one now feels that greece is owed anything. We redeemed our brownie points for Pericles and the spread of democracy, the fight against nazism of 1940. We played all our cards. 

So there is the path that leads to introspection and an imaginary war with dark forces that envy and hunt us. The other way is to anger with what we hear and read about our country and ourselves to say 'Well, no man, we do not deserve this. We did muck it all up but we are a strong country with many advantages and a people that knows how to put things right in the end." That anger may transform into hard work and a new vision. It requires, however, a look in the mirror and an admission of our mistakes. 

We have touched rock-bottom. The choice is ours now, whether we resort to third-world thinking in the role of the victim or whether we seize our destiny in our hands to stop being the laughingstock internationally.

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