Kia announced it would invest 100 million Euros to build a new engine production facility in Slovakia

South Korean automaker Kia Motors said Thursday it would build a new engine production facility in Slovakia. The overall investment including production technologies will exceed EUR 100 million and will add the Zilina region more than 270 direct jobs, the company told SITA news agency.

“I am very glad we managed to obtain another investment worth more than EUR 100 million for Kia Motors Slovakia to build an engine production facility, thus increasing our overall  capacity to 450,000 engines per year. We confirm our intention of long-term development of our activities in Slovakia. Our goal remains an effort to positively influence employment in the region of Zilina as well as overall economic growth of Slovakia,” President and CEO of the Zilina car company In-Kyu Bae said.

Kia Motors to invest 100 million euros to build new engine plant in Slovakia.

Kia announced it would invest 100 million Euros to build a new engine production facility in Slovakia (Europe). The company expects to launch the operations at its brand-new engine production plant in 2011 and reach full annual production capacity of 150.000 units by the end of 2012.

Kia did not disclose any information regarding the engines it plans to produce at the plant, but it is believed that the company will build highly advanced four-cylinder powerplants for its next-generation vehicles.

The new production facility will also provide engines for a plant run by Kia’s sister firm Hyundai in the neighbouring Czech Republic, which is located only 40 miles from the Kia’s Slovak factory. The investment is said to add 270 new jobs to the 2.700 people already working at existing Kia plant.

According to President and CEO of Kia Motors Slovakia, this 100 million euros investment will increase Kia’s overall annual production capacity to 450.000 engines, which confirms the brand’s strategy to develop Kia’s activities in Slovakia in the long term.

Kia has been operating a 1 billion euro automobile manufacturing plant in Slovakia since December 2006. The plant has an annual production capacity of 300.000 vehicles and currently builds three different vehicles; two for Kia and one for Hyundai.

The automaker uses same production lines to build the all-new Sportage and Hyundai ix35 (known as Tucson in the USA) crossovers, both destined for European market. It also manufactures three variants of popular cee’d: the 5-door cee’d, cee’d wagon and 3-door cee’d).


  1. Good morning Mr. PM,my name is Nisipasu Tiberiu,I'm from Romania & I'm amazed that your beutiful country overcomed the crisis (unhapilly Rumunsko is going in the opposite direction than your country).
    I was very pleased that KIA will invest 100 milion euros in a new engine plant,money lended from a bank (maybe European Bank for Investments or BERD).What I don't know is one thing: if KIA asked your govt. to guarantee this loan from state proviosion funds,like Ford asked to Romanian govt. for an amount of 400 milion euros.
    I hope that Romanian citizens working in Slovakia didn't made robberies or bad things.
    Dakujem vam.

  2. Good evening Mr. PM,I'm Tibi from Romania,Craiova city (city of kings on old slavic language).I'm still affected by the tragedy that affected Polish people,but also affected all the EU citizens.
    Romania always supported Poland as well as Czechoslovakia & from now on all the countries from the eastern EU border should be united.
    The heritage of Mr. Lech Kaczynski is of a great value for Romanian citizens,as well for EU citizens.I remember one of the last visit of Mr. Lech Kaczynski was in Romania,october 2009,before Mr. Gasparovici visit to Romania.
    I still hope that PM of Romania should visit Slovakia,sister country of Romania.

  3. Good evening Mr. PM,I'm Tibi from Romania,
    Craiova city (city of kings in old slavonic language).I was surprised when Romanian Govt. decided that Sunday 18th April to be a mourning day in Romania in memory of the 96 peoples dead in plane crash at Smolensk.This decision was made due to mass-media pressure,I strongly believe.In my humble opinion,President Basescu is at a very low level of morality & it's outrageous to participate to the funerals.
    In his last visit to Romania in 7-8 th October 2009,President Kaczynski reminded president Basescu that Poland joined EU in 2004 "like a independent country,without corrupted people to lead the country".President Basescu,of course,didn't understand the issue with "corrupted people at the top";he is the most corrupted & vicious president,but he was elected in a "democratic way" in 7th December 2009,winning with a narrow gap of 75.000 votes from diaspora votes.
    I don't understand why PM Emil Boc (who is also on facebook) didn't visited Slovakia;Romania & Slovakia are sister countries.
    Best regards.

  4. I praise Slovak leaders :Gasparovici,Fico & Paska for going to Krakovia.
    I hate Merkel & Sarkozy for refusing to go to Krakovia.

  5. well they could not go because of the major problem due to the volcano in iceland and the total shutdown of flights so its not a snub.

    Personally i found the polish president an extreme social conservative. I d like to see younger people run Poland with fresh ideas and more open minded attitudes towards people that are different to themselves.