Slovakia will have elections in June 2010 - Our predictions on the Slovak election

Most likely many people are wondering what happens next. (also enjoy the old pic of Robert he must have spent ages on that hair ) terrible :)

Here are some unscientific predictions (but then again remember there is no such thing as a scientific prediction)

  1. Robert Fico the current PM will be re-elected (90%) but probably with more right-leaning coalition partners.
  2. Taxes: "He emphasised that the government had not increased taxes (his measures are fiscally neutral) and added that any new government taking office after the June parliamentary elections must continue this trend. "
  3. Vladimir Meciar is heading towards political oblivion without the 5% to make it to parliament (good riddance).
I think that eventually Fico will have to raise some more taxes somewhere because of the worldwide crisis, but it will not be by much.

In other news, results  of  a  telephone  survey carried  out  by  Polis  Slovakia  agency  show that  most  people  would  welcome  seeing a leftist-rightist  government  after  the  parliamentary  elections  in  June.  The  survey  was carried out on March 13-16 of  this year on a representative  sample  of  1,280 respondents Based  on  its  results,  38  percent  of  those polled want Slovakia to have a leftist-rightist government  after  the  elections,  18.7  percent of the respondents want a rightist government and 12.9 percent of people a leftist one. More than one in five participants do not care about the  orientation  of  the  government  after  the elections, while one  in ten respondents could not answer the question.

I generally believe that Fico got some big an important things right (euro, taxation etc) and alot of smaller things wrong and very wrong. The coalition parties he chose were the worst possible.

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