New law that seeks to further clean up politics in Slovakia

The law will allow any Slovak to challenge the origin of anyone else's assets over 460,000 euros ($629,200). A prosecutor will be able to order the person to disclose where the funds came from. Courts will have the right to confiscate assets of unclear origin.

Basically if challenged any Slovak citizen will have to be able to explain how he/she got their assets. This will also make bribery more difficult.

This should make life very difficult for the mafia and certainly turn Slovakia into a country organised crime actively avoids.

The 150-seat parliament saw an unusual consensus when 112 deputies voted to change the constitution, necessary to allow adoption of this law, which was endorsed later by 116 votes.

We think its a step in teh right direction but more needs to be done. Slovakia is already "cleaner" than ITALY or Greece in terms of corruption but the role-model is Austria.

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