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Commenting on a recent Slovak Radio article

"Prime Minister Robert Fico is convinced that his government achieved more for the people during three months than the Cabinets of Mikulas Dzurinda during eight years."

Macko says ---> This statement is not fully true, for working poor people maybe, but certainly not for unemployed Slovaks pensioners or economically inactive people. The leftist measures taken so far are logical and are not problematic, but if they carry on far to the left then that would not be desirable anymore. <---

After Fico's Cabinet approved the draft state budget for 2007 he said that in spite of bad starting points left by the previous government, they managed to prepare a good budget for people as well as for the trustworthiness of the Slovak crown, which has firmed to a record point.

Macko says ---> well that is not true, Slovakia can afford much more now that the european money and the economy upswing is benefiting the economy handsomely. This is misleading... <---

The budget deficit will be below 3 percent of gross domestic product. The Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAV) will get SKK 100 million more than originally proposed.

Macko says ---> wise decision and good for Slovakia so it can join the Euro. Its good for the future. <---

The Cabinet will also allocate SKK 5 million to secure an archeological site at Bojna in the Topolcany district. By this the Prime Minister wants to secure that significant findings, which can move dating of the arrival of Christianity in Slovakia before Saints Cyril and Methodius.

Macko says ---> this is not newsworthy... <---

The Cabinet wants to obtain money for its goals by savings in the state administration. "We will not obtain money to the detriment of people, i.e. by hikes in taxes and fees," said Fico.

Macko says ---> no tax hikes anywhere? in all taxes? for how long? <---

Next year ministries must reduce the number of employees in organizations fully or partially financed from the state budget by 20 percent. Their budgets will be lower by 10 percent and they should save 15 percent in public procurement. At the Defense Ministry this will also affect modernization, while the Foreign Affairs Ministry should re-assess the number of employees at embassies. Economy Minister Lubomir Jahnatek said after the Cabinet session that only one minister is satisfied with the state budget - Finance Minister Jan Pociatek. According to the Prime Minister, the National Bank of Slovakia (NBS) governor Ivan Sramko also appraised the draft state budget.

Macko says ---> I vote for Ivan Sramko for PM :) <---


  1. Wow a blog about blogs how original. Interesting, this website claims ‘ Its unapologetically intellectual ‘ , I believe you mean, ‘IT IS unapologetically … , not it’s‘.?

    However, an intellectual conversation with a Slovak that claims this is ‘a great country’ and uses a teddy bear for his mascot and blog handle, will be even more of a curiosity. After all this great country, is a place that still worries about Hungarian ‘terrorists and disruptive people ‘ living inside it’s national borders, even they joined the European Union and we are now all one people; They actually paid to send 60,000 Jews, to the gas chamber and treats the collaborators with the Nazi’s as ‘war hero’s’ and them was forced by EU entry to mumble an apology for the murders some 60 years later; that ignores that for years Slovak doctors had sterilize Roma woman for fun and considers that the treatment and beatings of Roma men , women and children by the police, a minor internal problem; Any corruption prosecution against some senior figure is lost or forgotten or always fails due to missing evidence or dropped computer;, that allowed one party to promote the teachings of the RC church in schools and would have the Vatican to run the country; allows a murderer and a bandit who steals millions of euro from his own people, to be in the current government, not in jail , where over 12% of the population vote a racist and xenophobic drunk and a known wife beater into power and the people in his city tell you he is a really great guy ? I see old and poor people eating from bins every day, just to survive …a great country …? Oh yes , you do have the good fortune to have the Tatry …nature gave you those did it not?

    I have no problem with being patriotic , but plain bind stupid about your country is not a very good start for any sensible conversation, let alone an intellectual one …don’t you think ?

  2. ...cenorship as well ? My comment has to be approved ? ..Well there you go any normal conversation over . Like ALL slovaks you are afraid of the truth about this shite hole , What hope is there for you to improve from the past. Your 31 years of age , try moving the commie controlling mind from your education.

  3. Well there's a lot to answer here but i'll try:

    First of all I am not Slovak, I am a greek citizen (or EU national as i prefer to see myself because countries and narrow nationalism is something belonging to the past i think).

    "Hungarian ‘terrorists and disruptive people ‘ living inside it’s national borders"

    well all countries have politicians to be ashamed of, democracy is a very transparent system, it shows the best and the worst in society. I wouldn't say that the above statement represents the views of the average slovak. Moderate people have jobs to go to, extremists are very vocal and colourful and similarly to Poland and the other CEE countries the immaturity of the political debate and the baggage of the past shows.

    Slota is a terrible phenomenon but not that different to Jorg Haider in Austria or LePen in France (not exactly a new democracy). I am very surprised that you think i support such morons, if you read my blog you will see that it is not true. I don't like Slota or Meciar probably as much as you do, so i think you are pushing hard on an open door :)

    The problem is that communism only masked and muffled these extremist voices. The good thing though as i said in another posting is that airing the extremism makes it weaker. It might take decades or the time that is needed for the old generation to die off, but it will happen.

    Recently Slota was forced to confirm to the EU that he loves ethnic minorities under pressure from Fico :) his skinhead supporters must be loving this... to any reasonable person this has showed what a liar Slota really is and how he only cares for power and he will say anything to get it even betraying his moronic supporters. But i am pretty sure in the next elections they will punish him.

    "Before the TV talk-show, however, Slota had made a public statement claiming the SNS rejected extremism and supported the rights of minorities. The statement was part of an effort to help PM Robert Fico’s Smer party avoid suspension by the Party of European Socialists tomorrow for cooperating with the SNS.

    “The SNS respects the different cultural-historical traditions of nations, and recognizes… the principles of tolerance, respect, humanism, and the rejection of discrimination, nationalism, racism and xenophobia,” the SNS statement read.

    “We strenuously reject all expressions of racial, ethnic or national hatred anywhere in Europe… we condemn the activities of extremist groups and individuals, who under the banner of nationality discharge their deviant violent tendencies on members of minorities living in Slovakia. We categorically distance ourselves from any form of verbal attacks on the honour and dignity of Slovaks who belong to some minority.”"

    Now the jewish extermination and Nazis being paid to take the jews to the extermination camps, this is the first time i've heard of this one. I don't think that the nazis needed to be paid to take jews away, they were ordered by Hitler to do so in all the countries they conquered. In the whole of europe that fell under the nazis in wwII the non jewish citizens were quite pleased or indifferent to see the jews being taken away. The jewish properties were seized and some benefited greatly, but nobody knew they were taken to their deaths.

    Who is the nazi collaborator that is a slovak national hero? Are you talking about Tiso? is this taught in slovak history books?

    By the way i am not patriotic to any country, I am a citizen of the world first and have lived most of my life in countries other than Greece where i was born. You can accuse me of many things but slovak nationalism or patriotism from a greek, are strange accusations indeed :)

    Gypsies and sterilisation, well that is unacceptable but like other countries with a roma minority

    As i have guaranteed before i do not censor anybody, the only censorship is when there is spam in the comment fields of blogs, your comments are here unedited. As for my communist education, well greece has had a few left wing governments but not exactly communist :)

    12% of the electorate not the population. its around 5% of population.

    Poverty is being tackled by Fico and Dzurinda and EU cash flowing into the country. If the country gets in to the Eurozone then that is even better. There are no easy solutions for all this problems, countries are very slow to change and so are attitudes. The progress though is remarkable.. Things are going well despite all the problems you mentioned. Slota and Meciar are men of the past not the future, as Slovaks grow richer all these issues are going to become less important.

    The past was much worse..

  4. The past was worse, how would you know it seems you did not live here, Mr World Citzen ?( What does that mean ? I live on the Planet Earth, so I am ? ... them claim to be Greek , the second most corrupt nation in the EU, behind Slovakia ) Sorry pal , your gonna have to gen up on your Slovak History and Political knowledge, if you going to be anywhere near my universe of thought ...Yet another of those that can preach a sermon in 5 pages, what I define in 50 words. You weren't schooled by a bloke called Don Merritt by any chance ?