step by step how to create your election winning coalition

some interesting ideas by a Slovak PHD student in Denmark on the recipe for winning elections (i would say that this could have worked in any country with a electoral system favouring coalitions )

Another interesting piece is how the European Union is civilising the Thatcherite excesses of the UK's anti employee stance:
  1. Britain in the Social Chapter, giving British workers the rights already enjoyed by their continental colleagues.

  2. implemented EU wide laws on working time, limiting the length of time workers can be obliged by their employer to work to 48 hours per week.

  3. required, for the first time in Britain, a guaranteed right to paid holiday.

  4. brought in the European works council laws giving new rights to workers in transnational companies.

  5. introduced proper procedures for information & consultation of workers on all significant changes affecting companies with over 50 employees.

  6. reversed the burden of proof in discrimination cases, putting the onus on employers to prove that they do not discriminate.

  7. give both parents the right to time off when a child is born or adopted.

  8. brought in measures to give part time workers the same rights as full time workers as regards training, pensions, maternity rights and leave.

  9. improved the rights of temporary workers regarding pay and paid leave.

  10. brought in fines for airlines for deliberate overbooking as well as doubled cash compensation for stranded air passengers with the right to meals, refreshments and hotel accommodation if necessary while passengers wait.

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