Vlado Meciar undermining the coalition just after 100 days... a taste of things to come...

Older and not wiser

A very interesting short from the state news agency SITA on what Vlado Meciar the merry crook dinosaur has said about his participation in the coalition...

"HZDS: We Want What Belongs to Us The governing-coalition HZDS party is dissatisfied with its position in the governing Coalition, Hospodarske noviny daily reports. HZDS chairman Vladimir Meciar has already provided hints about the possible consequences of this. HZDS MPs have shown their disagreement with the state budget proposals for 2007. In addition, according to Meciar, even the Cabinet's tax reforms will not be approved in Parliament.

First of all Meciar's party failed to receive the top posts it wanted, now the party's regional members are unhappy about the slow pace at which regional posts are being allocated. "Many of our people had to leave their posts very quickly in 1998 (when Meciar's HZDS-led government lost power). They want to come back now," said HZDS MP Milan Rehak. On the other hand, HZDS's coalition partner, the Slovak National Party (SNS) appears to be satisfied with the way power has been allocated. "

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