shamelessly ripped off from lemuel

shamelessly ripped off from lemuel
here is our hungarian eater

Those early years at the Communist party paid off note the natural poise and apparchik smile similarity between Mikhail and Fico...

and after a special request from Roger



  1. I thought Fico ought to look like Meciar, but probably that will only develop over time. Anyway, have you seen the following. You should be worried perhaps:

    Greek blogger arrest infuriates world

    The arrest of a blogger by Greek police just days before Athens hosts the inaugural meeting of the Internet Governance Forum has left the blogosphere in uproar and the authorities with egg on their face.

    Antonis Tsipropoulos was arrested at home on Tuesday by the Greek police following a complaint from a controversial Greek televangelist that Mr Tsipropoulos's blog aggregation site,, linked to slanderous material.

    The content in question is hosted at the FunEL blog, and mocks the colourful Dimosthenis Liakopoulos for producing trash TV and being anti-Semitic. However, since the blog is hosted in the US, the Greek authorities swooped on the popular site, arresting its owner, ordering him to appear in court in a few days to face charges and shutting down the service.

    Mr Tsipropoulos originally posted a concise account of his arrest, complaining that he was not in any way able to control the content he had linked to, but later removed it, reportedly following legal advice.

    The response from the blogging community worldwide has been swift and furious, with many Greek bloggers planning to organise a protest outside at the IGF meeting today when their prime minister formally opens the event at 10am at the Divani Apollon hotel south of Athens.

    The arrest couldn't come at a worse time, following a high-profile campaign launched earlier this week by Amnesty International drawing attention to the bloggers worldwide who have been detained for posting information online. Many Greeks will be surprised to learn they appear to have joined the ranks of Iran, China and Vietnam.

    What makes the matter all the more timely is that the arrest highlights an endemic misunderstanding of internet technology and policy, where authorities try to enforce laws over the net by charging whoever they can in their own country, who are nearest to the problem.

    The main aim of the IGF meeting is for governments, business, international organisations and civil society to meet up and discuss the best methods of working with the internet and one another. If only the Greeks had been approached by Liakopoulos next week, the incident would most likely never have happened.


  2. sad really, but not surprising

    you will have noticed that i don't live there and i have mixed feeling towards my passport.

    Greece is the Florida of the EU
    religiously conservative, decadent, overly indebted and state/church separation is constant struggle
    nice weather, good food.

    unfortunately this is simply not good enough as the same can be said of Syria... minus the EU in which we kind of squeaked in when somebody left the door open in 1981.

    The church has huge influence over the state, think a bit like Ireland's church influencing politics circa the 50es.

    Our inpenetrable language has prevented our ridicule internationally.

    I Left when i was 18, only went this summer for more than 5days..

    One more reason why i think by comparison the level of criticism of Slovakia is extreme. Here you have Greece that didn't have to suffer communism as late as 1989, but it still cannot prosper inside the EU.

    Blava does not have riots like in Paris of Budapest,

    Dzurinda rejected the Pope's interference into Slovak politics last year despite the fact that he knew it would probably bring his government down

    Nevertheless the western press slams Slovakia as if it was Belarus. To me the way slovakia handles itself generally after Meciar, contains signs of a civilised nation that wants softening in economic policy and its national insecurities gave Slota the 10% that he got is an unremarkable % throughout EU for the far right. Italy has Mussolini's grandaughter as european MP for heaven's sake!

    The real dangerous voters are in Greece :)
    Our extremely patronising style of governments and actually reasonably tight straitjacket on all foreign policy has allowed greece to have a smooth ride. If real democratic listening to the people occured in greece, then the line separating europe fromthe middle east would have been drawn south of Croatia, and not at the east of greece...

  3. After reading all that lot it is hard to believe how you invented or ever got in 2004 the Olympic games and you can see why Turkey invaded Cyprus ..

    Actually , it would appear Mecca matches up with real group of womens heart throbes ..Perhaps people ( womnen ) vote for hime because they fancy him ...?

  4. actually it has been said before a few times that Meciar appealed to women much more than men as a bit of a lad and tough guy.

    Unfortunately sexual fancies should never form the basis of government selection.

    I think we live in a time when what we look like is becoming fast the main criterion as to how well we do in life.

    I blame Markiza style television and tabloids... and a moronic anti-intellectual fashion.

  5. re: "...and you can see why Turkey invaded Cyprus"

    well that is a very complicated issue, the short answer is that both Turkey and Greece are equally to blame, both countries were under non-democratic governments at them time.. its a long story, but nobody is innocent...