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  1. Clearly this is a 'love' thing between you and Roger ..I suggest tonguies at dawn !...

    Roger Heyes is an interesting bloke at times, gathers lots of useful info, but actually he has a major fault. He is rather naive and almost always fails when puting all the bits of the puzzle together, or when trying to add it all up ...2+2 does not always make FOUR in the polly world, even in Slovakia ..Plus the fact he can be emotionally unstable and prone to wobblies when put on the spot about his own personal sidewinder views ;-)))

    Still, keep up the good work chaps ..I am sure someone, somewhere else, other than me, he and you are reading all this Blog.

  2. man its bad and nasty world, why so much hate and nastyness?? I am a peaceloving person, its only Meciar and Slota that make me angry.

    Personal remarks are kind of irrelefant (Groucho) so what can i say, i dont know Roger but i like how he used that piece about the young ones. Rik Mayall and Fico is there a relationship? I think we should be told.. and i always enjoy the miraculous conversions of "communists" to sharp suits and mercedes upon winning elections, Darling Bastard bullyboy is appropriate :)

  3. Hi Macko - just discovered your blog after receiving your comment on mine. I shall watch your blog with interest also! Kind regards.

  4. It's handy when sites link to each other and a dialogue can begin and people can find new sources of information.

    And I don't care how many people read my site as long as they're people who're interested in the topic.

    That may be naive and over-optimistic but we all need our illusions.